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Business Rewards Package

Businesses – Connect and keep in contact with your customers, also have new customers referred to you by becoming a member of ‘Business Rewards’ –  £9.97 Monthly ( first  month… then only £17.97 Monthly – FREE Coaching included from 2nd month). We will send your offers directly to your customers giving you repeat business, also you will have new business when new customers are referred to you by others – It Works! .. Read below all the benefits … Newsletter Advert  / Referrals / Coaching / Support / Reward Bonuses … much more!

Simply give each customer one of our ‘Rewards’ flyers, encouraging them to opt-in to the ‘Rewards Package’

Your customers ( and yourself ) will have –
Special deals in CCTV, Removals, Storage, Builders, Painters, Limousines, plus many more businesses –

They will be pleased to opt into ‘Rewards’ because of the benefits and great deals, they are happy to opt-in and give their email address … This allows the ‘Biz Rewards’ newsletter to be sent weekly by email and also for you to keep in regular contact with your customers.

We will broadcast/send out your ‘exclusive’ offers to all customers on the list ( including your customers ) so that they keep coming back to you for new business – plus you pick up   ‘New Customers’ when they see your business in the newsletter as it is sent out to an ever-increasing customer base.   

The list builds quickly as other businesses promote ‘Biz Rewards’ to their customers. This is invaluable – it promotes your business and keeps you in contact by email .. It Works!

We will also send any new offers that you have or wish to promote directly to the list. This is targeted to your customers to give you repeat business and keep you in contact with your customer base –    

Simply give each customer one of our ‘Rewards’ flyers, encouraging them to opt-in to the ‘Rewards Package’.  The flyer has the heading  ‘Our Gift To You’ and your customers will be happy to opt-in as they will receive great deals in CCTV, Removals, Storage, Limousines, Builders plus the many more businesses involved in the opportunity.

• You will get new customers from people who would not know about your business (simply by offering a small discount/ bonus) to attract a new customer)

•  The system keeps you in contact with your customers as they choose to give their email address – Your customers feel valued as you give them our flyer offering ‘Our Gift To You‘  for them to receive rewards – The Email is your way to keep connected with all your customers – It Works!

After 6 months with ‘Biz Rewards’,  in addition to the benefits listed you will also receive a FREE 3 Months inclusion in ‘Adphone’        Adphone Directory is a marketing directory that is circulated to households and left in key locations throughout the UK

The directory offers exclusive advertising and offers an effective means of marketing your business – it is glossy, has excellent graphics, together with essential contact details – you can choose to upgrade at any time to Adphone and have all the benefits of ‘Biz Rewards’ included FREE … see Adphone

By joining ‘Biz Rewards’ you will also have the opportunity to be invited to Zoom / Skype – Motivation / Coaching calls to help inspire your business .. You will have seen that we offer excellent Coaching throughout UK 

You will also receive all the ‘Make Money’ benefits shown below ( Elite  Commissions ) when you refer anyone to have  our services’

Join ‘Biz Rewards’ NOW –  Click ‘Subscribe button’ below the next section at bottom of page or request ‘Standing Order’ by email ….  ACT NOW!

Make Money! Join My Team!

Earn fantastic commission when you refer people to us for coaching, Adphone or events.

  • Make £30 for every Coaching Referral Sale (Easy To Businesses)
  • Make £30 for every Adphone/Events Sale (Easy To Businesses)
  • Make £30 for every Referral Sale (CCTV Installers Group)
  • Make £10 for every ‘Individual Coaching’ Referral Sale
  • Make £5 for every ‘Business Rewards’ Referral Sale
  • Make £1 for every Bananaguard (Red, Blue, Purple and Glow in the Dark) as seen at
  • You will be given permission to sell our fantastic products / coaching / events

Full ‘Marketing Pack’ will be sent as soon as you join and you will be invited to attend our regular free training events.

You will be part of my awesome ‘Elite’ team and I value and appreciate every member, you can look forward to receiving fantastic commissions.

Join ‘Elite” / Business Rewards – ONLY £9.97 Monthly  (for first month … then only £17.97 Monthly – FREE Coaching / Motivation included from 2nd month – cancel at anytime).

Click the button below NOW!

Business Rewards and  ‘Join My Team’ commissions are included FREE if you decide to upgrade to the Adphone / Networking package – check out Adphone in the menu above, we can help increase the ‘bottom line’ of your business and make more sales.

Today, have 2 Months FREE in ‘Business Rewards’ –  Enter your name and email in our ‘opt-in newsletter’ box at top of this page.

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